Bunds, Kyle, Ph.D. ksbunds@ncsu.edu

Assistant Professor – Sport and Sustainable Community Development

Dr. Bunds’ research and teaching examines the connection between sport and the environment generally, and sport, water, and air pollution more specifically. The idea that researching, understanding, and communicating how decisions on infrastructure, development, and the environment are made can lead policy makers, organizational leaders, and citizens to make more informed decisions for improving social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and community development guides his research. Dr. Bunds’ primary research interests center on the need for long-term sustainable solutions to environmental crises, an interest in the political, economic, social, and communicative processes of capital development, and a desire to understand how sport can be a vehicle/impediment in responding to these concerns. His work has been published in numerous academic journals, including Sport Management Review; European Sport Marketing Quarterly; Sport in Society; Journal of Sport Management; Critical Studies in Media Communication; Communication, Culture, & Critique; Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies; and Water Resources: IMPACT. He is currently working on a book under contract with Routledge focusing on sport, water, charity, and the body, entitled Sport, Politics and the Charity Industry: Running for Water. In addition to his scholarship, Kyle has also guest edited a special issue on political economics for the Journal of Amateur Sport, serves as the Associate Editor for the Journal of Amateur Sport, and he is currently guest editing a forthcoming special issue on sport, physical culture, and the environment in the Sociology of Sport Journal.