Casper, Jonathan, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. Casper is internationally recognized as a leading researcher on sport and the natural environment. His research seeks to help sport organizations integrate sustainability efforts into organizational operations, marketing, and fan engagement. Specific to this project his expertise lies in leveraging large events as informal educational settings (or platforms) and influencing behavior change. Dr. Casper has worked extensively with collegiate athletic departments, in particular NC State, to help integrate sustainability within operation and fan engagement. Dr. Casper also has a research line related to sport participation and health. His work focuses on the psychological factors associated with sport participation and how these factors relate to recruitment and retention. His work informs marketing and administrators in the sport industry and ultimately contributes to improved human health through continued sport participation. Through his research and consultation, he has worked with regional, national, and international stakeholders.

Twitter: @j_casper

Research Focus: Promoting Physical Activity through Sport and Social Marketing